Simple, fast, cost-effective, OXABOX provides the ultimate platform for developers, compagny and media

Oxabox provides you a professional PaaS solution to create, test and deploy your web applications in the cloud whether you are a developer, an organisation or a software as a service vendor (SaaS), Jelastic Cloud allows you to create bespoke development environments in just a few clicks with fully scalable resources.


The only PaaS cloud capable of automatically resizing all applications, both vertically and horizontally

Automatic Vertical Scaling

Jelastic dynamically modifies the amount of resources allocated to the servers (RAM and CPU) according to the current demand, without any manual intervention. This feature guarantees you never overpay for unused resources and saves your time due to eliminating the necessity of handling the load-related adjustments or architectural changes.
You simply decide the maximum limit you are ready to consume and Jelastic automatically defines the optimal amount of resources required for your app, tracking the incoming load in real time.

Automatic Horizontal Scaling

In addition to the inbuilt automatic vertical scaling you have the access to, Jelastic also lets to automatically scale your projects horizontally, changing the number of web/application server nodes in your environment. Herewith, all of the newly added nodes are created at different hardware servers, ensuring even more reliability and high-availability.


Focus on developing applications, not managing your infrastructure


OxaCloud powered by Jelastic is a 100% multi-tenant Cloud Platform. Each customer server instance is a dedicated and securely isolated container.


You can install popular applications such as content management systems (WordPress, Joomla, Magnolia), wikis, online-shops, project management tools and more, with one-click.

SSH Access

In addition to the easy management via a simple GUI, secure SSH access to all your containers is available for more complex configurations and management.


In terms of scaling, OxaCloud powered by Jelastic is unique. It supports automatic-horizontal and even automatic-vertical scalability.

No Lock-in

Since there are no proprietary APIs to code and features like environment export/import, there is absolutely no vendor lock-in with us. Thanks to the “Pay As You Use” billing model, there is no minimum contract period.


You get real-time information on your Application load, Memory, CPU, and traffic consumption. In addition to this, historical data is always available for your analysis.

Deploy your application for FREE!

State of the art intuitive UI of Jelastic Multi-Cloud PaaS lets you deploy, manage, and scale applications easily, without a necessity to perform any complex configurations.


Set your limits, keep your costs as low as possible and don’t worry about traffic spikes

Estimate the resources you need during the trial period and then use our simulator to determine the hourly or monthly rate of your Paas. You will be able to adjust your configuration at any time without any interruption or additional charge if needed.

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