How to Choose the Right Web Hosting Plan?

How to Choose the Right Web Hosting Plan?

Certainly, many of you are considering to start a business in 2021 and planning an online presence. But with all these hosting plans, how do you pick the right one? To help you and let you decide for yourself, we’ve put together the different hosting plans in this article, with a simple, non-technical explanation.

While there are many options when it comes to web hosting, it all comes down to choosing a plan that meets your needs:

Shared hosting: the most cost effective option for low traffic websites

This is the most basic web hosting plan. Web hosts invest in servers where all the files that make up their customers’ websites are stored. For customers who go for a shared web hosting plan, their website will live on the same server as several other websites. For low traffic website owners, a shared web hosting plan is the most convenient and affordable hosting plan.


Dedicated hosting: ideal for very popular websites with high traffic and/or with a large customer database

Dedicated hosting gives website owners the best control over the server where their website is stored. No need to follow someone else’s rules for sharing and performing. This is because the server is exclusively rented for your website. With a dedicated server, you have full root and administrator access, so you can control everything from security to the operating system you’re running.

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Managed Hosting: Ideal for non-technical users who prefer to leave more technical tasks to experts

Most hosting packages can be managed. Web hosts provide technical services such as hardware and software installation and configuration, maintenance, hardware replacement, technical support, patches, updating and monitoring, as they take care of. daily management of hardware, operating systems and standardized applications.

VPS hosting: ideal for websites with medium or low traffic, and which do not necessarily need a dedicated server

Although technically you are sharing a server with other websites, Virtual Private Server (VPS) separates part of a shared server for your use, it’s like you have your own placeholder in the larger pool. VPS hosting gives website owners more personalization and storage space, but it is unable to handle heavy traffic levels or very high spikes in usage.


Cloud hosting: ideal for websites that grow quickly and need scalable resources

A website that uses cloud hosting never depends on a single server. This happens on a number of connected servers that form together to make up “the cloud”. If something happens that causes problems for a server (needed repairs or sudden popularity of a website limiting bandwidth), the rest of the network takes over and the site is always available. This hosting plan makes it easy to scale your website as needed, with faster load times, even when the website receives a lot of visitors.

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Now that you have an overview of the different types of web hosting, you can go ahead and make the ideal hosting choice that suits your needs. By choosing a good hosting, you will have a faster, more secure site and you will have peace of mind.

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